Kabirafarm Store

Feel the beauty of nature, Taste the magic of Passion fruit…

In 1990, we opened ” Coccala” at the center of the Kabira village.
The small family-store was made for selling passion fruit which was harvest in only owned farms.
At that same time, we started processing fruits to Jams and Juices

In 1997, we moved to our current location, the middle of the mountain with a great view of Kabira Bay.
The store, located next to the processing factory, is a great place to enjoy the taste of juices and an atmosphere of nature.

Opening Hours:10:00 〜 18:00
Holiday       :Irregular
Parking       :7(Large-sized bus is not able to enter)

※Wheelchairs are allowed to enter the store.



The Kabira Bay is chosen as the 100 best sceneries in Japan, and 3 stars in the Michelin Travel Guide. KABIRAFARM is located in the middle of the mountain with a great view of the inner part of the bay. Time goes by slowly around here with the sound and atmosphere of nature.

The store is decorated with seasonal flowers and plants which are raised up in our own garden. Enjoy the relaxing time with flowers, books, and the botanical arts painted by the owner.

As a souvenir of the Okinawa, nonessential grocery items, and wedding gift…
All the products are available in the manufacturing price. Fresh passion fruits are only available during harvest season.

>川平ファーム オンラインストア

川平ファーム オンラインストア