To deliver the REAL FRUIT FLAVOR all over the world… 

It was more than 40 years ago, I met my first Passion Fruit in Yakushima-Island. After the typhoon hits, there were many red-purple and egg-sized fruits all over the backyard. When I eat the fruits, the mellow flavor and wild sourness were spreads all over in my mouth. The wonderful impression of Passion Fruits I ate is the beginning of this journey.

Passion Fruit is already known as Juice and Perfume, but unfortunately, most of the product does not have real flavor and aroma. So I decided to tell people “How amazing the Passion Fruit is..” through our Passion Fruit products.

Even in origin countries, people dilute fresh fruit juice with water about 4-5times and even add sugar to adjust the sweetness. Our Passion Fruit Drink is made by only fresh passion fruit juice with granulated sugar(caster sugar), sterilized, and squeezed up in the bottle. You can enjoy our juices, dilute them with 4-5times, just the same as origin countries.

We keep going to deliver the wonderful REAL FRUIT FLAVOR and AROMA of Passion Fruit itself, without adding any artificial additives.

Masahiko Hashizume



Company Profile

Location 1291-63, Kabira, Ishigaki-City
Okinawa, JAPAN 9070453
Tell +81980882475
FAX +81980882476
CEO Masahiko Hashizume
Capital 3,000,000 yen
Founded date 1990.05
Established date 2013.04
Site area 25,000㎡
Processing Facility:240㎡
Sales Facility:70㎡
 Business Beverage produce・Food produce・Retail sale
取引先 株式会社 沖縄県物産公社・株式会社 沖縄物産企業連合・国際物産株式会社
Products Passion Fruit Products (Juices and Jams)
Other fruits products (Juices and Jams)
Related Facility Ishigaki-Jima Science Garden(Pre-Open)
Associated Company Southern Yui Farm inc. / Philippines

Getting Here

・40 minutes from the airport.
・30 minutes from the port.
・3 minutes drive from the KABIRA BAY parking area.
・5 minutes walk from the bus stop “ヨーン(Yo-n)”
(※Please make sure to check the bus schedule, there are only a few buses stop this bus stop. )


Company History

1989.05 The family moved from Tokyo to Kabira, Ishigaki island, and started the Passion Fruit farm.
1990 Started producing passion fruit jam using harvested fruits. Opened family-owned small store “Coccala” in the Kabira village.
1996 Moved to the current location, and established KABIRAFARM agricultural corporations.
Started wholesale and commercial use at hotels in the Ishigaki-city area.
Start attending to Okinawa Fair held in outside of Okinawa.
2004 Consider the crop damage caused by typhoons and harmful insects, we start testing the cultivation of passion fruit in Malay Balay, Mindanao island, Philippines.
2005 Established Malay Balay Organic Farm, Inc (MOFI) on Mindanao island.
2012.04 Established KABIRAFARM, inc.
2013.07 Closed MOFI ( overseas farms) because of public security and the lack of infrastructure.
Established Southern YUI Farm, inc. (SYUIF), a local corporation, at Cagayan De Oro on Mindanao island.
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